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About Vabbinfaru
About Vabbinfaru
The Republic of the Maldives is an archipelago of 1,192 mostly pearl shaped islands, formed in 20 natural atolls situated vertically across the equator. Of the 1,192 islands, 199 islands are inhabited and currently 101 are operating as resorts. The total population from the 2009 census is 396,334. The total area including the land and sea is approximately 90,000sq km and the archipelago stretches 820 km in length with the widest point being just 130 km.

Malé is the capital of the Maldives with a land area of approximately 1.92sq km with a population of 103,693 residents. Malé is the main trading centre and thus the main point of contact with the outside world.

The Sanskrit word “Maladiv” means a garland of islands. With its natural charm and beauty, the Maldives is widely described as the last paradise on earth.

Vabbinfaru Island is located 17 km North West from Malé International Airport. It occupies three hectares of a formerly uninhabited island with a natural beach all around the island. “Vabbin” in Dhivehi (the language spoken in the Maldives), meaning round land, and “Faru” meaning reef, describe the nature of the island.

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