Destination Dining

Destination Dining

Destination Dining
Savour quiet time with a private barbecue or make the most of your Maldivian sojourn with a Sandbank Dinner of fresh seafood.

Signature Dining Experiences

Sandbank Dining

Escape to a world of your own with the sandbank dining experience, surrounded by clear blue waters on a secluded sandbank, savour this private moment and gourmet feast as the sun sets to unveil the starry night sky.

Sharkpoint Dining

Located at a hide-and-seek patch of beachfront, our sharkpoint dining is a fun-filled affair complemented by gentle lapping waves and the lagoon breezes. A presentation of the bounty of the sea is on the specially prepared menu, comprising items such as sea scallops, chilled Maldivian lobster, and a refreshing dessert.

Tuesday BBQ Beach Dinner

With your feet in the sand, savour a magnificent meal prepared live by our chefs, in a romantic white setting. The four-course menu revolves around the Maldivian lobster, providing a new dimension to your gourmet enjoyment. This event can be tailored towards larger groups.

Sunset Jetty

Indulge in a romantic getaway dinner, located on a rustic wooden jetty overlooking the horizon. Experience the unique Maldivian sunset Bedouin style, while savouring chilled Champagne, canapés and a delightful shisha – an Arabic water pipe. An intimate dinner will follow and be served by your own private butler.

Available upon one day prior reservation.