Playa del Carmen may be one of the most popular spots on the Riviera Maya, but that doesn't mean it has fallen prey to the behemoth beachfront developments like other popular destinations in Mexico. Playa, has held tightly to its "un-Cancun" character, and offers an authentically Mexican alternative, maintaining the charm of its former years as a quaint artists' colony and small fishing village.

A hot spot for European tourists, Playa del Carmen, offers the charms of this melding of cultures: tree-lined, pedestrian streets abuzz with cafes, bars, and restaurants that serve up potent tequila cocktails and spicy Mexican cuisine. From upscale boutiques for your material desires to clubs you can dance the night away in, Playa, is an ideal location to host a group event.

Add Asian hospitality to the mix, and the Banyan Tree Mayakoba is the perfect setting for a social event or corporate retreat. Only 10 kilometers from Playa Del Carmen’s famed pedestrian Avenue 5 and less than a 40-minute drive for the international airport, the Banyan Tree Mayakoba feels as if it is a world unto itself. The jungle engulfs the pool-villas making it hard to discern the indoor from the outdoor. Being at one with the natural, historical, and cultural surroundings has always been a Banyan Tree philosophy.

The Yucatan Peninsula is as dramatic as the civilizations that settled here. The Peninsula is the only exposed part of the Yucatán Platform, which is predominantly formed of limestone, creating a karstic landscape full of sinkholes, ridges, and towers above the ocean and magical coral reefs below. Exploring the area by land or sea has delighted visitors for decades. The peninsula is home to the second largest coral reef in the world.

Despite its collapse seven centuries ago, the seductiveness of the Mayan civilization is not lost in the Peninsula. The Empire of the Sun – know for its art, architecture, mathematical system, written-language, and astronomical calendar – has mystified archaeologists and anthropologists for centuries. Less than an hours’ drive from Playa del Carmen, take a break to explore the remains of the ancient Mayan civilization. Tulum is the site of a Pre-Columbian Maya walled city that is situated on breathtaking 12m tall limestone cliffs.

Our staff will help you plan an event or retreat that is sure to delight. After-hours we let the region speak for itself. No matter what you are looking for – shopping, dining, snorkelling, site-seeing, or partying – Playa del Carman has it all.