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Offering authentic Thai Flavors with an innovative twist, Banyan Tree´s signature restaurant, Saffron continues to wow and tantalise taste buds around the world with their award-winning Thai cuisine and Southeast Asian specialties.
Specially prepared by our chefs with a creative approach to savour piquant Thai Cuisine in a contemporary setting, each cooked dish is served in a traditional  family style with original flavours and fresh ingredients to illustrate the convivial side of Thai culture.

Restaurant Concept 

Saffron is richly inspired by the art of traditional Thai cuisine in all its splendor. Presenting the authentic tastes of Thai cuisine at its best, Saffron allows one to savour Thai flavors in a contemporary yet classically elegant setting. Traditional cooking methods reminiscent of the techniques passed down from generation to generation are steep in Saffron’s culinary presentation. Saffron sets itself above the rest as a premium restaurant offering fine Thai cuisine complemented with the warm and graceful service distinctive of the renowned hospitality of Banyan Tree and Thailand. 

Menu Concept

The Saffron menu embraces the glories of classic Thai food, featuring a variety of delicacies originated from the historical Thai royal courts such as Krathong Thong (Fried Rice Flour Basket), dishes popular amongst countryside villagers like Yum Hua Plee (Spicy Banana Blossom Salad) to all-time favorite home recipes like Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Grilled Tiger Prawn Soup). This gourmet menu is a comprehensive re-creation of time-honoured Thai fare enhanced with creative touches by our dedicated chefs. 

Food Concept

A celebration of fusing fresh native ingredients and with personal culinary touches, the cuisine interprets traditional Thai flavors with an innovative approach. Saffron’s cuisine emphasizes on the preservation of tastes inspired by customs and cultures of Thailand, through adopting indigenous herbs and spices. 
Simple and delicate dishes are prepared and refined through methods inspired by traditions, to achieve remarkable tastes for palate and artistic presentation for the eye. In the process of maintaining the authenticity of Thai food, our chefs also inject their ingenuity and skilled techniques to the signature dishes, offering refreshing perspectives. 
A wide variety of condiments and seasonings is available to cater to individual palate and spice up the gastronomic adventure. Tropical Thai fruits and traditional sweets mastered to its finesse are also available to harmonize each Thai meal, typically characterized by intense spicy and sour flavours. 

The Banyan Tree experience at Saffron

Exemplary of the Banyan Tree brand, our servicestaff delivers high standards of service excellence and are professional in all aspects of their delivery. Warm and dedicated service will also be evident throughout the Saffron dining experience, with an abundance of Wai and smiles, which are renowned symbols of the Thai hospitality. Friendly, yet non-intrusive, the Banyan Tree experience at Saffron leaves enablesguests to relax and enjoy the meal in a cosy family setting.


Growth and Awards



Saffron Seychelles one of the Best Hotel Restaurants in the World 2013 (by thedailymeal.com)

Saffron Cabo Marques: 2013 Best Restaurant in Acapulco, Mexico by CNN


Awards & Accolades

THAI SELECT – by the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) awarded to Bangkok, Macau, Mayakoba, Samui and Seychelles
FYI: Thai Select is awarded by the Department of Trade Promotions (DOP) under the Thai Ministry of Commerce. Award holders are entitled to several privileges, such as participation in DOP’s marketing efforts (both local and international)

Saffron Macau

2013 Hong Kong Tatler’s Best Restaurants, Hong Kong & Macau Edition

2012 Hong Kong & Macau’s Best Restaurants, Asia Tatler Dining

Saffron Samui: 2013 Thailand Tatler’s Best Restaurants


Chef profile

Renu Homsombat is a passionate, dedicated, highly committed, motivated and driven culinary professional with 19 years of experience in fine Thai cuisine. Highly inspired and always looking for new and innovative ways to refine herculinary creations, Chef Renu ensuresthat authenticity and the true essence of Thai cuisine are preservedin all of Saffron’s dishes.

Well versed in the different regional cuisines of Thailand, as well astheRoyal Thai Cuisine, Chef Renu helms the Banyan Tree’s Corporate Chef stewardship at Saffron since 2008.