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Themed Events

Try a theme idea when planning a fabulous dinner party.

At Banyan Tree Phuket, we will help you bring people together for unforgettable reunions, holiday celebrations, and special occasions. We will ensure your guests feel more than welcome with unique spaces, creative themes and excellent food.

Select from our Banyan Tree Phuket’s Theme Parties, Thai Street Food Market Dinner, Black and Gold Dinner, Tropical Nights Dinner, White Dinners at Nights, rewarding both yourself and your team.

List of Theme Parties

Thai Street Food Market DInner

While visiting Thailand, the land of thousand smiles, it is a must to have a traditional Thai dinner.

Upon your arrival at our floral arch entrance, we will perform the By-Sri–Soo-Karn traditional, where our hostess dressed in traditional Thai costume will give you a floral garland while our long drum band performs.

Pre-dinner cocktails made with a combination of mixed alcohol and marinated Thai herbs from the country are available.

The main dining venue will be decorated to resemble a typical Thai rural scene with Thai style huts, freshwater fishing equipment, chicken, and Thai handicraft. Our staff will be dressed in “Mor Hom” uniforms to add to the rustic atmosphere.

Demonstrations on how to make Thai ice tea, ice coffee, hot coffee, snow ice, sticky rice and Thai dessert will be shown. ”Pong Lang” band will play while Fun dab (sword fighting) and Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) are performed.

Black and Gold Dinner

Upon arrival, our service staff offers a variety of beverages and deluxe canapes at the Lagoon Deck Terrace while enjoying modern lounge music. After cocktails, guests are invited to dining area.

The dining venue will be decorated with gold and black drapes, and many small candles. Table decoration includes a table centerpiece of gold orchids with candles and black tablecloths. Black chair coverings with a gold bow are placed on the chairs. All our services staff will be dressed in elegant uniforms.

You will enjoy our contemporary set dinner while listening to our singing duo which will continue to entertain you throughout the evening.

To round off your fantastic dinner is a large selection of cigars, premium cognac and Eaux de vie.

Tropical Nights Dinner

Upon arrival at the entrance of the venue, which is decorated with tropical plants and fruit, our hostess dressed in floral costume will greet each guest and present a flower neck garland.

Before dinner starts enjoy optional tropical cocktail and canape. Also available is our singing duo performing international tunes.

The scene is a private atmosphere with torches set around the dining venue. Colorful flowers, plants
And tablecloths complement the setting.

Table decorations include table centerpiece made of seashells, candles, a trees made of pineapples, colorful tablecloths, white chair covering with colorful bows, Banana leaves will be set as place mats and services staff are dressed in brilliant colored uniforms.

Our chefs will cook up a BBQ buffet. While you enjoy our delicious fare Polynesian dance and music will be entertaining you during the dinner.

White Dinner at Nights

Experience our theme night “White Night at Sands” party under the stars at the Banyan Tree Phuket beach.

Invite your guests to enjoy our signature cocktail “Oriental Spicy”, whilst gathering around a unique atmosphere under the trees, lit by torches, on a private section at the beach.

Tiffany lights and white trees will give the venue a romantic and casual ambiance. Not to mention the added touch of a trendy lounge area with cushions and low tables, well decorated and located under bamboo canvas.

Our Chefs will be on site to prepare the barbeque of your life. While you enjoy our delicious fare, background music will complement your evening.

Occasion Consultant

With our expert Occasion Consultants, corporate and family occasions are easy at Banyan Tree.

Whether it is a meeting, convention, gathering or party, Banyan Tree’s Occasion Consultants will make your event a success.