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Banyan Tree Spa Phuket

The first Banyan Tree Spa, Banyan Tree Spa Phuket opened in 1994 and pioneered the tropical garden spa concept with its Eastern therapies and holistic focus on spiritual, mental and physical harmony. As the first luxury oriental spa in Asia, it reintroduced an exotic blend of ancient health and beauty practices which have been passed down from generation to generation.

Banyan Tree Spa Pavilions are re-creations of royal Thai salas in all their splendour. Engage in an uplifting and rejuvenating spa experience with a comprehensive range of Asian therapies and complementing meditation and yoga classes.
At Banyan Tree Spa, the highlight of each spa experience is the training of its spa therapists. Banyan Tree Spa Academy Phuket was set up in 2001 to train a dedicated group of spa therapists for Banyan Tree Spas, ensuring high quality service standards and consistency in all its Spas around the world. To date, Banyan Tree Spa has set up academies in Bintan in Indonesia, Phuket in Thailand and Lijiang in China.

Business Information

Banyan Tree Spa Phuket
33 Moo 4, Srisoonthorn Road
Cherngtalay, Amphur Talang
Phuket 83110 Thailand

+66 76 324 374
+66 76 324 375
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10am to 9pm daily

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Signature Packages

Banyan Tree Spa features an indulgent array of massages, each designed to soothe the body and release muscle tension through the healing touch of our professionally trained therapists. Emerge from each massage completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Asian Blend

  • Duration: 60-minute/90-minute treatment& 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

A medium to strong 60- or 90-minute massage that is adapted from traditional Thai massage techniques to stimulate circulation and improve flexibility. No oil is used and a two-piece outfit is worn. Palms and thumbs are applied to pressure points to relieve tired muscles and to improve blood circulation.


  • Duration: 60-minute/90-minute treatment& 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

An intense, medium to strong, 60- or 90-minute massage, deep tissue massage where the therapist uses thumb and palm pressure and firm strokes, to apply a unique blend of essential oils with warming qualities. The massage stimulates blood circulation, improves energy flow and relieves tension on the back and shoulders.

Lomi Lomi

  • Duration: 60-minute/90-minute treatment& 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

Originating from Hawaii, this is a deeply-revitalising massage. Our therapist uses full body techniques, applied with rhythmic grace using thumbs, palms and elbows. The 60- or 90-minute massage eases and loosens muscles from the shoulders to reduce tension. Perfect for those who feel tired, the massage leaves the entire body feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.

Thai Classic

  • Duration: 60-minute/90-minute treatment& 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

This classic 60- or 90-minute massage blends subtle stretching with rhythmic massaging and compressions to balance energetic bodies and stimulate energy flow. The therapist uses traditional Thai techniques and oil, applying deep palm strokes on the back with delicate stretching - the perfect combination to promote deep relaxation while improving flexibility.