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In planning the resort, great care was taken to design buildings that are in harmony with their surroundings. The resort features Thai style, low-rise buildings which draw upon the richness of Thai architecture for their design inspiration. Today, the award-winning spa resort is proof of the healing powers of determined and thoughtful conservation, yielding a successful and profitable enterprise.

The deeply pitched roofs and open-air pavilions (salas) that characterise traditional Thai architecture evolved in response to the country’s climate. A high roof creates an interior with enough space for hot air to rise. The roof overhang keeps the sunlight out. A second steeped roof promotes ventilation by trapping the hot air in the space above.

Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary has adopted these same traditional Thai architectural motifs. The resort’s pitched roofs pay homage to local culture.

The philosophy behind the resort is based on providing a haven for rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul – “a sanctuary for the senses”. Villas are designed to fit into their surroundings, using indigenous materials as far as possible, reflecting the architecture, landscape and vegetation of the destination.

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