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Resort Background
Many years ago, our founders purchased a vast expanse of coastal land punctuated by lagoons of the most intense cobalt blue. Only to discover that its beauty came not from Mother Nature, but the pollution of the previous tenant, a tin mine. Rather than walk away, they dedicated themselves to cleansing the acid-laden soil and planting more than 7,000 trees. In doing so, they transformed this ecological wasteland into the environmentally-sensitive oasis that it is today.

Banyan Tree Phuket was conceptualized back in 1993 on the faith that an ecologically ravaged site could be nursed back to life in all its abundance. The land was pronounced by a 1977 United Nations report as being too severely ravaged to sustain development.

Where acid-filled craters once stood, inland lakes are now teeming with life. Fish are abundant in the water, and wild ducks make their home in the lakes. Attracted by flowering plants and fruit trees, migratory bird like white egrets and Siberian ducks find refuge surrounding the Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary’s lagoons.

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