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Laguna Phuket to Launch Community-Based Projects with “Fully Booked” Mobile Learning Centre

Category: Corporate Social Responsibility

“Fully Booked” at Laguna Phuket – Mobile Learning for Schoolchildren 
Laguna Phuket is launching a new community project, “Fully Booked” in early 2014, which will see the opening of a new mobile learning centre for schoolchildren.   
The project is one of many initiatives set up by Laguna Phuket to support its wider strategic goals on education, which includes improving health, safety, water, sanitation and the quality of education in nearby areas. 
“Fully Booked” will help inspire schoolchildren to engage with books and literacy through assisted reading, music and performing arts, whilst offering hotel guests the opportunity to visit the mobile learning centre and get involved in the projects. 
The centre will also work with rural parents to teach them how to read ‘to’ and ‘with’ their children to embed the learning process.
The mobile van will travel to rural primary schools, setting up a pop-up classroom in the grounds to provide schoolchildren with access to materials that are crucial for learning, but are very expensive and unaffordable to many rural families. It is hoped that this will reduce the literacy gap between urban and rural schools. 
A qualified librarian and teacher will be employed to manage the mobile learning centre and ensure the programme runs efficiently, visiting four schools each week for the duration of the term.  
They will ensure that learning progresses are in line with the national curriculum and will keep the programme relevant, fresh and engaging, covering topics such as the environment, health and sports.   
Guests staying at any Laguna Phuket hotel including Angsana Laguna Phuket and Banyan Tree Phuket will be invited to visit the mobile learning centre at schools and join the teachers through interactive involvement by reading to the children, suggesting well-known songs to sing with them and teaching the basic rules of football, rugby or other skills.   
As part of the cultural exchange, children will be encouraged to share their own heritage and exchange stories through role play and music
The “Fully Booked” programme has been introduced following feedback and consultation with local communities and guests whilst maintaining close links with the group wide Banyan Tree Seedlings initiative launched six years ago in 2007. 
The Seedlings programme aims to nurture and support disadvantaged young people, by mentoring and motivating them and encouraging them to attend school and develop literacy, as well as developing practical skills which will enable them to eventually enter the workforce.