Nomad Alpine Trek

Nomad Alpine Trek

Follow the route of the nomads into the mountains to a plateau nearly 3,700 metres above sea level.

In the hot summer months, the nomad families of Ringha move their yaks, horses and livestock from the meadows of the valley to the cooler highlands where the grass is greener and the air is crisp.

The journey along the Nomad Alpine Trek reveals Shangrila in all its botanical beauty. Azalea bushes blossom in the brightest of colours, wild highland flowers line in the mountain streams and countless species of rhododendrons transform the evergreen pine forest into a splash of pink, red and white in spring and summer.

Live the peaceful life of the nomads on the plains once you arrive at the Nigu grassland, where calves and colts frolic and play and little piglets find their foreign guests strangely curious.

While the guides prepare a hot lunch, the nomad women demonstrate how to make yak cheese and yoghurt without the help of modern technology.

On the way back, the trek continues through the quiet pine forest with its carpet of soft needles and evocative smells. Snow-capped mountain ranges appear in the distance and provide a spectacular site.

Tours include extensive multi-sport activities and/or longer treks. Travellers should be fit and enjoy active itineraries. Frequent physical activity in preparation is recommended. Trekking is often at high altitudes, across varied terrain and up steep inclines. Rough road travel and remoteness from medical facilities are common on these tours. Accommodation may include camping or rustic lodges for multiple days.