Shangrila Culture Trek

Shangrila Culture Trek

Discover the warmth and hospitality of the Tibetan people who welcome strangers with a cup of fragrant yak butter tea.

The Shangrila Culture Tour provides fascinating insights into Tibetan life and its many unique traditions and customs by taking you on a walk through the picturesque villagers and undulating pastures. The village ladies showcase the elaborate techniques used for spinning fur into long threads and weaving treasured rugs and warm clothes for the winter.

Visit farmhouses, sample homemade yak butter tea and cheese, observe women tending the fields and come face-to-face with yaks, horses, sheep and pigs roaming freely on the meadows.

After a hearty lunch in a Tibetan home, your journey continues through an ancient pine forest that claims a 3,500 year old tree to the 800 year old Ringha Da Bao Si Monastery, a small but historically significant working temple on top of a sacred hill.

Draped in fluttering prayer flags that have sutra mantras printed on them, the winding path emanates an otherworldly presence and is a true testament to the deep spirituality of Greater Tibet.

The trek will last approximately 5 hours.
Tours are suitable for most ages and ability levels for travellers in good health. Walks are relatively short, on good paths, and at predominantly low altitudes. More strenuous activities are often optionally available.