Banyan Tree Ringha Dining

Dining by the fire’s side or water’s edge, over hot pots or international fare, the selection in this land 10,000 feet above will surprise even the most discerning palate.

Ringha - Highland Romance

Highland Romance

Satisfy your appetite for adventure and delectable cuisine with the Highland Romance dining experience in Banyan Tree Ringha.

Ringha - Chang Sa Bar & Restaurant

Chang Sa Bar & Restaurant

Hotpots and steamboats are some of the culinary delights of Yunnan province, and Chang Sa Bar & Restaurant is a wonderful place to sample both.

Ringha - Jakhang Lobby Lounge

Jakhang Lobby Lounge

Discover the art of tea appreciation at Jakhang where hundreds of varieties of tea await your pleasure.

Ringha - Llamo Restaurant

Llamo Restaurant

In the Tibetan language, “llamo” refers to a communal place where friends, family and neighbours gather to enjoy opera, plays, festivals and good food together.

The romance of design

Discover more about the resort’s unique design which fuses local traditions with respect for the surrounding environment.