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Spa Packages

Indulge in an exotic menu of time honoured spa treatments under the skilful hands of the Banyan Tree Spa therapists.

Calm your mind and take in the peacefulness of your surroundings. Allow our therapist to offer you a soothing footbath, herbal drink with refreshments and a few minutes to leave the cares of the world behind. All Banyan Tree Spa sessions are inclusive of 30 minutes Calm Time. Enjoy the difference.

Spa Packages

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Banyan Tree Spa Ringha

Hong Po Village, Jian Tang Town

Shangrila County

Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Yunnan Province

China 674400

+86 887 828 8822
+86 887 828 8911
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10am to 10pm daily

Royal Banyan

  • Duration: 120-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

This signature treatment adopts a holistic approach to balance and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Begin with a Warm Ginger Scrub that will relieve your body aches, leaving you feeling totally relaxed. Then enjoy a soothing and moisturising Banyan Tea Pouch Massage, where tea wrapped in a linen pouch dipped in warm sesame oil is gently applied on your body along with a palm massage. Complete this luxurious indulgence with a Herbal Bath to improve blood circulation, leaving you feeling completely restored.

120-minute treatment includes:
Warm Ginger Scrub • Banyan Tea Pouch Massage • Herbal Bath

Himalayan Bliss

  • Duration: 120-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

Drawing from the beauty and holiness of the Himalayan landscape, this treatment uses river stones, hand-carved by monks from Kopan monastery that contained sacred mantras and the eight auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism. Begin with a Black Sesame Scrub, which has warming qualities to induce weight loss, reduce water retention and improve complexion. Warmed stones are then incorporated into a soothing massage, which enables smooth flow of “qi”. The heat from the stones deeply relaxes the muscles and eliminates toxins. A Rice Wine Bath further cleanses and improves body circulation, leaving you refreshed and renewed.

120-minute treatment includes:
Black Sesame Scrub • Gui Shi Hot Stones Massage • Rice Wine Bath

Ringha Relief

  • Duration: 120-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

Discover a signature session that is irresistible to tired bodies and tired minds. The Ringha Relief begins with a Ringha Massage, a specially concocted blend of Yoga, Chinese Tui Na and Himalayan Gui Shi Hot Stones therapies. The warm sensation of the stones leaves you with an afterglow that is enhanced by an Indonesian Boreh Spice Warming Wrap to exfoliate and relieve your muscular aches and pains. Prepare to greet the world by immersing yourself in a Jasmine Green Tea Bath, which soothes and refreshes.

120-minute treatment includes:
Ringha Massage • Indonesian Boreh Spice Warming Wrap • Jasmine Green Tea Bath

Tibetan Tiptoe

  • Duration: 90-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

Give your feet the full attention they deserve in this dedicated foot care treatment. A Herbal Foot Soak and Scrub thoroughly cleanse the feet with an anti-bacterial bath. This is followed by a full hour of Foot Reflexology, which relieves tension and improves energy flow to the whole body. After cleansing and conditioning, an invigorating massage using rich emollient cream follows. Wonderfully scented sweet vanilla paraffin infused with cocoa bean and soybean extract seals moisture into the skin for a tiptoe finale.

90-minute treatment includes:
Herbal Foot Soak and Scrub • Foot Reflexology • Warm Paraffin Foot Treatment

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