Lover’s Hill
Lovers’s Hill
Lovers’s Hill
Another scenic spot is the Lover’s Hill in Sanya Luhuitou Park. Opened in 1989, the park is located in the Luhuitou Peninsula in the southwest of Sanya and covers almost 82 hectares with the highest elevation reaching 181 meters. The park is marked by a large stone sculpture depicting a deer with its head turned around.

A romantic folktale lies behind how the park got its name and it is rumoured that couples who have a picture taken with the sculpture will be blessed. The hilltop park is noted for being an excellent place to get a bird’s eye view of the sea and downtown Sanya, as well as to savour the sun rising and setting over the city.

Other Tips

The Caves Tourism Zone (Da Xiao Dong Tian)

The Caves Tourism Zone has historically served as a screen to the southern part of Sanya.


Nanshan incorporates a tropical marine seascape, ancient Chinese culture, historical heritage and folklores, integrating eco-tourist resources, recreational activities and environmental preservation to transform the area into an internationally famous tourism district.

Tianya Haijiao (The End of the Earth)

Tianya Haijiao (the Edge of Sky and the Rim of Sea) lies below the Xiamaling Hill, about 50 kilometres west of Yalong Bay.