Nanshan incorporates a tropical marine seascape, ancient Chinese culture, historical heritage and folklores, integrating eco-tourist resources, recreational activities and environmental preservation to transform the area into an internationally famous tourism district.

With a planned area of 50 square kilometres, Nanshan’s tourism district is comprised of three parks, one temple, a valley and a bay – Kwan-yin Cultural Park, Mercy Park, Auspiciousness Park, Nanshan Temple, Longevity Valley and Nanshan Bay.

A newly minted national treasure is the 108 meter high, sea-based Kwan-yin Statue standing at the edge of the South China Sea. Also known as “Gold and Jade Kwan-yin”, “No.1 Dragon in Stone in the World” by the locals, it was consecrated on April 24, 2005. A Hawaii tree house, Sanskrit Bell Garden, Nanshan Recreational Club and Nanshan vegetarian cuisine are other highlights to visit or experience.

Other Tips

Lovers’s Hill

Another scenic spot is the Lover’s Hill in Sanya Luhuitou Park.

The Caves Tourism Zone (Da Xiao Dong Tian)

The Caves Tourism Zone has historically served as a screen to the southern part of Sanya.

Tianya Haijiao (The End of the Earth)

Tianya Haijiao (the Edge of Sky and the Rim of Sea) lies below the Xiamaling Hill, about 50 kilometres west of Yalong Bay.