Tianya Haijiao (The End of the Earth)
Tianya Haijiao (The End of the Earth)
Tian Ya Hai Jiao
Tianya Haijiao (the Edge of Sky and the Rim of Sea) lies below the Xiamaling Hill, about 50 kilometres west of Yalong Bay. In ancient times, Hainan Island was a place of exile for scholars and poets and it is often here, inspired by the beautiful surroundings, that they composed their most influential work.

Odd rocks arise from the azure waters and coconut trees dance in the wind around this beach. Two Chinese characters, "Tianya" (the Edge of Sky), are carved on one of the beach’s biggest rock. Beside it is another rock carved with the characters "Haijiao" (the Rim of Sea). On the left of the two rocks is a third, cone shaped rock. The words on it read "Column of Southern Sky", which indicates that this is the southernmost point of China.

Legend has it that Chenzhe, the prefecture in Ch'ing Dynasty, wrote "the Edge of Sky", and an unknown scholar from the same dynasty wrote "the Rim of Sea" and "Column of Southern Sky".

Other Tips

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The Caves Tourism Zone has historically served as a screen to the southern part of Sanya.


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