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Measuring 70,000sqm, Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul comprises The Hotel, The Club, Festa, and a myriad of other outdoor facilities. The hotel was remodelled from Tower Hotel, which was designed by late Kim Swoo Geun (1931-1986), one of the first-generation architects of Korea. Because the building is both architecturally and historically significant in Korea, Banyan Tree focused on retaining its exterior while harmonising with the beautiful environment of Namsan. In particular, Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul’s guestrooms are known for the beautiful views of Namsan. The basic concept of guestroom design was the four seasons and the five elements of water, fire, metal, wood, and earth for harmony with nature.

The main architect company is Korea-based Gansam Partners, while Banyan Tree’s in-house design arm – Architrave Design and Planning managed the interior design of the property together with local interior design company Kesson. The Construction Department of Urban Oasis was also involved in the development of the project.

The Hotel, The Club and Festa buildings were designed and remodelled by Architrave by implementing modern design style in each outlet and facility for the guests.

Through discussions and deliberations, it was decided to preserve the historical value of the Hotel building, designed by Kim Swoo Geun, known as the maestro of modern architecture in Korea, with a renovations to maintain his original design.

Like the Hotel, the Club building combines historical value of modern architecture and has been remodelled to preserve the cross-shaped pillar.

The Festa building was designed Hamptons-style, resembling a huge upper class mansion in Midwestern United States. Semi-classic in style, showing traditional yet modern elements, the outdoor pool encourages hotel guests and members to feel relaxed in an urban resort.

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