Banyan Tree Lijiang está ubicado a 2000 metros sobre el nivel del mar y a 40 kilómetros del aeropuerto de Lijiang. Recibió un premio al mejor hotel de lujo y al mejor complejo de spa de China durante la ceremonia de los premios China Hotel Starlight Awards de 2007.
El complejo se encuentra a 15 minutos de la histórica ciudad de Dayan y está bañado por la sombra de la majestuosa y solitaria Montaña Nevada del Dragón de Jade.


Our Tibetan Dog Lanka

Tibetan Dog Lanka

Our Resort Mascot “Lanka” was born into a Tibetan family on December 3, 2014. The family name is Danba and they live in a village named Lingdu just 5 km away from our hotel, situated in the Ringha valley area. There are six extended Tibetan families scattered throughout this beautiful valley. We knew of Mr. Danba and we expressed our intention to raise a Tibetan Mastiff as our hotel mascot.  Mr. Danba told us he owned a pure bred female mastiff who just had puppies and agreed to sell a male puppy to us. Lanka joined the Banyan Tree Ringha family when he was two and half months old.

We needed to decide on an appropriate name for our newest family member and staged a popularity contest from a shortlist of the top three name choices, each with a story featuring something significant in Tibetan culture or folklore. Over 70 client accounts were contacted with photos, names and stories asking them to make a choice. We also ran a contest on WeChat receiving over 800 responses. The most popular name by far was actually the original – “Lanka” roughly translated as “Blue Sky” in Tibetan, being easy to pronounce and symbolic of nature.

“Blue Sky” is also a metaphor for the free spirit of the Tibetan Highlands, suggesting the purity of his breed, and reflects peace and calmness. It is synonymous with our natural environment and theme in the Tibetan Highlands which is a  “breath of fresh air”.

Lanka is not territorial and contrary to popular belief these dogs are not fierce if properly domesticated. Lanka has many friends and carers who spend hours looking after him. He is calm around people and a great example to dog lovers worldwide.

Come share the love and cuddles with our very furry friend. Photo opportunities abound. We look forward to welcoming you to Banyan Tree Ringha, a true Tibetan experience.