Wetland Pot Of Treasure

Since the Song dynasty, Hangzhou has been the cherished paradise of literati. Located west of Hangzhou, the Xixi wetland area attracted famous literary figures such as Cao Xueqin, Yuan Mei, Hong Sheng and others who were drawn to the area’s seclusion. These literati contributed to Xixi’s cultural heritage because they brought along their private chefs who were greatly influenced by Confucius’s teachings, such as “one should eat rice of the finest quality”, and “one should eat meat that has been finely minced”. As time passed, this brought about the emergence of Xixi cuisine.

The Wetland Pot of Treasure is a traditional Xixi dish that features meatballs, fish balls, dried pork rind, turnip seedlings and rice noodles combined in a stew pot, with golden egg dumplings symbolising gold ingots.

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