Destination Dining - Mongolian Yurt Dining

A Mongolian Yurt Dining capture the essence of fresh and taste in Shangri-la

Stepping into Banyan Tree Ringha, be impressed by the authentic Tibetan architecture among which the yurt stands out with its uniqueness. Soak in the history of the yurt and enjoy endless moments. As the necessary dwelling for nomads, the yurt has a similar structure to the Roman and Byzantine architectures. Both consist of columns vertical to the ground and domes as the roofs. The only difference lies in the material. The yurt is not built with heavy stone but wood and cloth, which are more portable. Experience the exclusive Destination Dinning, where a well-prepared Tibetan Hot Pot and barbecue awaits you. Delight in this feast for the senses with your loved one and sip on our unique highland barley liquor. Be captivated by the sunset in the deep fall of Shangri-La. Join the local Guozhuang dance around a bonfire with the Tibetan folks and be charmed by these Tibetan traditions. Two hours reservation in advance is required. Not subject to cancellation once reserved.