Underwater Wedding

Underwater Wedding

All year round

Adventurous couples can opt for an underwater celebration to seal their union, surrounded by the vibrant marine life for which the Maldives is renowned. Explore the Indian Ocean on a sunset cruise on a catamaran with your loved one, where wine and canapes will be served.



  • - 海中ウェディング・セレモニー(カメラマン同行)
  • Two boat dives, inclusive of boat trip and equipment rental (buoyancy c ompensators and regulator)
  • A sunset cruise with wine and canapes served
  • - 1 時間の双胴船セーリング(ガイド付き)
  • - フォト・アルバム(30 枚)
  • Wedding certificate
  • A Male town excursion
  • - バンヤンツリー・スパ・ヴァビンファルでのカップル・スパ・トリートメント
  • バンヤンツリー・ギャラリーからのフェアウェル・ギフト

Price is per couple