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Food is a universal language, and as such, it opens doors to all sorts of interesting discoveries. Learn about the origins of a dish, and its ingredients – be it rice and herbs farmed nearby; or markets and emporiums where these ingredients are traded or even travel experiences of chefs through food.

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A Taste of Love

Chef Renu Homsombat, corporate chef of Banyan Tree‘s Saffron restaurants, talks about her mother's influence on her cooking.

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Craving that bowl

Wherever you hail from around the globe there's a taste that reminds you of home. Be it a dish from childhood or a bowl of comfort food that evokes happy memories, These are the dishes connecting us with our native lands, sowing cravings We yearn to Satisfy — and tantalising the tastebuds of eager travellers. Alison Marshall lifts the lid on the delicious world of food nostalgia.

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