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Singapore, 8 March 2012– With its strong focus on sustainability, Banyan Tree Ungasan, Bali has achieved EarthCheck Benchmarked status for the second consecutive year since it opened in 2010. This significant achievement in what is widely regarded as the world's leading benchmarking, certification and environmental management program in the travel and tourism industry, is bestowed to those hotels that  demonstrate strict social and environmental practices. The next step for Banyan Tree Ungasan has already begun as the resort pursues EarthCheck Silver Certified status via a certification audit conducted by an independent third party.

Hotels are measured on their performance in key areas of environmental and social impact including water consumption and usage of recycled water, energy consumption, waste recycling,

community commitment and usage of paper products, cleaning products and pesticides.  Their outcomes are measured against EarthCheck’s benchmarking requirements to determine if a particular hotel or resort meets or exceeds baseline levels or best practices in the industry.

Since achieving outstanding results in their first year of joining EarthCheck and garnering Bronze Benchmarked status in 2011 (for their performance data in 2010), Banyan Tree Ungasan has continued with the required annual EarthCheck benchmarking.  In 2012, the resort achieved Bronze Benchmarked status (using performance data in 2011), with improved results compared to the previous year:

  • Achieving above baseline in 9 of the 11 measured performance areas (two more than in 2010)
  • Achieving at or above best practice in 7 of the 11 measured performance areas (three more than in 2010)
  • Improving upon their previous 1.5% better than best practice for waste sent to landfill by reducing waste per guest night even further.  In 2011, Ungasan beat best practice by 38.1%, lowering to 2.6 litres of waste sent to landfill per guest night compared with a baseline of 6 litres per guest night and a best practice level of 4.2 litres per guest night).
  • Bringing their potable water consumption level from below baseline to 10.2% better than baseline. In 2010, Ungasan used 5,909 litres of potable water per guest night, reducing that to 4,379.4 litres per guest night in 2011, despite having 30% more guest nights

In line with Banyan Tree Group’s founding commitment to corporate social responsibility in 1994, Banyan Tree Ungasan’s stellar achievements in the EarthCheck program can be attributed to the resort’s dedication to minimising the use of resources and any negative impact on the surrounding environment. Their ability to reduce potable water consumption level in 2011 was due to the resort’s two independent sewage treatment plants that handle a total of 360 cubic meters per day.  All waste water is treated, filtered and then used for landscape irrigation.  As a result, no water is wasted, and the soil and environment is not polluted with waste water.  With the resort surrounded by temples and local villages, Banyan Tree Ungasan is resolute in not impinging on the local community or areas of religious significance.

Banyan Tree Group is committed to EarthCheck Benchmarking and Certification, with a target for all of the group’s resorts to be certified. As of February 2012, 14 resorts are already registered in the EarthCheck program. Banyan Tree Lijiang has successfully achieved Silver Certified status for four consecutive years since 2008, and six resorts have achieved and are seeking to maintain Bronze Benchmarked status including Banyan Tree Ringha, Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, Banyan Tree Ungasan, Angsana Bintan, Angsana Velavaru and Angsana Ihuru in the Maldives. Five more resorts are working towards achieving EarthCheck benchmarked status including Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Mexico, Banyan Tree Bintan in Indonesia, Banyan Tree Madivaru in Maldives, Banyan Tree Seychelles, and Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel in Laos. Additionally, Banyan Tree Phuket and Angsana Laguna Phuket are pursuing EarthCheck Benchmarked status as part of the precinct of Laguna Phuket’s sustainability efforts.

"Having already certified and benchmarked more than 1,300 organisations in over 70 countries, EarthCheck is highly regarded for its science-based approach," explained Stewart Moore, CEO of EC3 Global. "There are no short cuts, no ways to buy your way in; it's a matter of being able to prove the integrity of an organisation's operational practices year-in and year-out, and then be willing to have everything verified by an independent, third party auditor. By taking a scientific approach to measuring the effectiveness of their sustainability practices, Banyan Tree Ungasan will be able to identify where they are out-performing other operators and where room for improvement remains."