Business and golf have long been synonymous. It is a fine test of character, and a great way to bring a team together. Away from emails and phones, the golf course becomes the perfect stage for friendly competition, and good conversation.

While no one likes surprises in their golf game, a mid-game cocktail hour is a welcome break! A recent corporate client hosted a business retreat for executives at our resort in Bintan. The organiser wanted those extra touches that would make the event one to remember and impress colleagues from around the globe. Why not bring refreshments to golfers? Executives on the 8th hole were surprised when they walked up to find our staff serving up aperitifs from a full cocktail bar. A mid-game cocktail hour to take the edge off – could a business retreat get any better?

Our event planners and staff work with clients well in advance of events to plan for those extra touches that make the experience personalised and memorable. Let us plan your next event!