Gốc Đa Hoàng Gia

Liệu pháp túi chườm thảo dược Gốc Đa Hoàng Gia này chỉ có tại Banyan Tree Spa, sử dụng túi thảo dược được ướp với dầu vừng ấm, kết hợp cùng kỹ thuật trị liệu giao thoa giữa phương Đông và phương Tây, giúp tăng cường tuần hoàn máu và sự dẻo dai của các cơ. The Lemongrass Cucumber Cleanser deeply exfoliates while moisturising the skin. This signature experience culminates with the relaxing Foot Massage which aids in alleviating stress and boosting body circulation.


Javanese Lulur

Feel like a queen with the Javanese Lulur regime. Practised in the palaces of Central Java since the 17th century, this imperial treatment is used by Javanese brides as a purifying ritual before marriage. Radiate a blissful glow from top to toe.


Balinese Boreh

Aching muscles are soothed and skin restored to its natural balance and radiance with the healing Indonesian treatments. The Balinese Massage is a deep tissue massage which stimulates blood circulation, improves energy flow and relieves tension.


Restful Balance

Let Banyan Tree Spa's Ayurvedic Signatures restore your natural balance of energies, leaving you in a renewed sense of bliss. Soothe the tension from your head and calm your mind with a combination of massages and the soothing Shirodhara treatment, where warm oil is poured on your forehead. The treatments improve blood circulation to your head, neck and shoulders, while bringing relief to eye strains and tension headache. The special oil used for these treatments has a calming effect on the body. Your skin is cleansed and smoothed with the Lepanam, where a traditional recipe is prepared and applied to the skin before the cleansing steam bath.