A retreat of hushed privacy and absolute quiet

Namsan Pool Premier is about 65sqm with a king-sized bed and relaxation pool in the room equipped. Namsan Pool Premier has more spacious bath room and living room than Namsan Pool Deluxe. Its located on 14th to 17th floors in Hotel Building with view of Namsan and Seoul City.

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Giường và nhà tắm

Master bed room (king size bed)

Phương tiện giải trí

Complimentary wi-fi
Luxurious relaxation pool overlooking the city
Access to club facilities
Wi-fi internet

Các dịch vụ khác

Host service
Dịch vụ chỉnh trang phòng buổi tối
Walk-in closet
Shoeshine service
Host service

Thông tin thêm

Sơ đồ mặt bằng

Loại: Phòng khách sạn
Sức chứa: 2 người

Giường: cỡ đại
View: City View

Room Size: 59-70sqm