Songkran is celebrated in Thailand as the traditional New Year's Day from April 13 to 15. It is observed nationwide and has also become a major attraction for visitors. A main celebratory highlight is when people throw water at one another in the spirit of Songkran.


Rambutan Fair

The first rambutan tree was planted in Surat Thani in 1926. The home of the rambutan is celebrated with exhibitions of local produce and ornamental plants, rambutan and fruits floats, and demonstrations of trained moneys harvesting coconuts from trees. It happens every year during the month of July at Surat Thani town.


Samui Triathlon Competition

There are three categories of competitive sport – swimming, cycling and running. The competition will traverse both main and secondary roads in Samui in order to allow athletes the choice of pursuing the preferred route. Each route offers a stunning spectacle of natural beauty to feed the soul. This annual festival takes place in April.