Similan Islands

This group of islands is one of the Andaman Sea's most renowned and ranked among the world's top 10 diving sites. Do not miss the opportunity to explore the coast beyond Phuket and visit the Similan Islands by day or after nightfall.


Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay lies north of Phuket island and is renowned for its stunning limestone cliffs rising out of the water and evergreen mangrove forests. Enjoy the picturesque scenery during a boat trip, go kayaking through narrow sea caves and pay a visit to Koh Panyee – a sea gypsy village set on stilts over water.


Phuket town (Sino Portuguese buildings, fresh markets, Chalong temple, Big Buddha – Tour by Laguna Tours)

Phuket's geographical location has garnered the island a rich history involving Burmese invasion, tin mining, rubber trading, various religious beliefs and tourism. Without these events and happenings, Phuket would certainly not be the island known and loved the world over today.