Ngày 1

Đến và nhận phòng. Visit the Jinyun Mountain or the ancient villages of Jin Gang Bei. Return for a mouthwatering dinner in Jin Yao Xuan Restaurant, known for its hot pots and Sichuan cuisine. After dinner, return to your room where you can rest in the warmth of your personal hot spring pool.


Ngày 2

Be satiated with a mouthwatering bounty at breakfast, before embarking on a day tour to Jindao Gorge, Shengtian Lake and Pianyan Old Town. Return to the resort at evensong for a sumptuous dinner at Bai Yuan Chinese Restaurant. After your oriental feast, engage your senses in an expertly conducted spa treatment.


Ngày 3

Spend time choosing leisurely from a plentiful array of breakfast foods, then rest in your room or take a final dip in your private hot spring pool before checking out. After checkout, be invited to downtown Chongqing.