In-Villa BBQ Temptation

Wine and dine in the sanctuary of your private villa with a succulent spread of choice meats and fresh seafood. Let the dining team prepare your meal and attend to your every need as you relax in the company of your beloved.


Những phút giây thân mật

Smell the scent of fresh flower petals and soothing aromatic oils. Revel in the silky soft touch of satin bed linens and tune out your surroundings with soft background music. The Intimate Moments experience is designed to enhance the atmosphere of romance and relaxation for couples as they relax within the sanctuary of their private villas.


Lover's Paradise

Dine under the stars in the hushed romance of a beautifully draped tent. Set against the beautiful backdrop of the enchanting Xixi Wetlands, rediscover the meaning of moonlit romance while savouring perfectly prepared food with your beloved.


Lakeside Romance

Ambience makes an important part of any meal, and dining by a beautiful lake while listening to the quiet lull of tranquil lake waters makes this romantic meal an experience to treasure always.


Terrace Sensation

Partake of beautifully prepared cuisine while relaxing in the privacy of your personal suite or villa.


Garden Love Affair

A meal laid out for you and your beloved in the garden tranquillity of the Xixi waterways. An elegantly decorated tent, fresh flowers, flaming torches and sensual candles add to the atmosphere of sultry romance.


Love Boat

Dine on the Banyan Tree Love Boat as it traverses down the tranquil waterways as you enjoy mouthwatering dishes onboard while enjoyingn the beauty of lush surroundings with your loved one.


Afternoon Tea on a Boat

Relish scrumptious sweet and savoury delights while you and your beloved cruise along the pastoral Xixi Wetlands on a traditional "Jiang Nan" scull boat. Listen to the beautiful melodies of native birds and the soothing rhythm of marshland waters while refreshing your palate with delicate portions of fragrant Chinese tea amidst theflourishing greens.


Banyan Day at the Spa

Devote an entire day to personal refreshment, with spa sessions in your private Spa Jet-pool Villa by our specially trained therapists.


Xixi Flower Festival

Visit the Xixi Flower Festival with your loved one and admire the enchanting blooms. Local legend has it that the flower festival was first begun to celebrate the birthdays of hundreds of different flowers. Till today, the festival continues to be venerated, with numerous herbaceous flower varieties on display each year.