In-Villa BBQ Temptation

Relish succulent bites of choice meats and temptingly fresh seafood while dining in the exclusivity of your personal villa. An expert dining team is on hand to prepare and serve your meal while the family enjoys the pleasure of bonding.


Banyan Tree Spa

Nestled within Banyan Tree Hangzhou at Xixi National Wetland Park and inspired by traditional Eastern cleansing and bathing rituals, Banyan Tree Spa Hangzhou launches the Oriental Spa Experience for the very first time.


Morning Yoga Or Taiji

Breathe in the fresh air that surrounds the thriving lush greenery of the wetlands and engage in family bonding over the ancient practice of yoga or taiji.


The Xixi Classic Tour

Embark on a daylong walking tour through hidden villas, ancient fish ponds and swaying reed fields. Stroll through Green Causeway, He Zhu Street, Deep Mouth Pool and Hazy Fishing Village and uncover the fascinating cultural history of the locale. On this tour, families will board a private boat and sail off to the lone island of Autumn Snow Temple before getting off at Xixi Plum Villa, known as a writer's oasis.



Birdwatch and spot the very best of Xixi's birds from the vantage point of the wetland's best viewing area. Learn about the wetland ecology and enjoy a picnic breakfast in the quiet morning before taking a trip to the Wetlands Museum.


Waterlight Court Saturday Buffet

Perk up your weekend with sumptuous Chinese fare and international dishes, including prime cuts of meat, the freshest of seafood and free flow of selected beverages.


Afternoon Tea Afloat

Listen to the sweet sounds of native birds and the quiet hum of moving waters while enjoying an excellent afternoon tea onboard a traditional "Jiang Nan" scull boat. Delicious sweet and savoury foods are complemented with the best of Chinese tea to provide you and your family the choicest tea experience.


DIY Cupcakes

Enjoy a delightful cupcake making and eating session with the family. Fill the afternoon with sweet memories and the pleasure of making these equally sweet creations.


Xixi Flower Festival

Visit the Xixi Flower Festival with the family and admire the enchanting blooms. Local legend has it that the flower festival was first begun to celebrate the birthdays of hundreds of different flowers. Till today, the festival continues to be venerated, with numerous herbaceous flower varieties on display each year.