Ngày 1

After a sumptuous breakfast buffet at Waterlight Court, take a journey of discovery along the scenic views of the Westbrook garden to enjoy the fresh morning air. After this, visit Lingyin Temple, one of West Lake's notable attractions and one of China's top 10 famous Buddhist temples. In the afternoon, experience the local culture of Jiangnan cuisine at Baiyun Restaurant, where all ingredients come from the farm and burst with health.

Alternatively, you may want to enjoy a boat ride afternoon tea, an hour and a half hour cruise along the pastoral Xixi wetland on a traditional scull boat. During certain months, Dragon Well Village offers Longjing tea picking on rainy mornings. The tea is known for its fine fragrance, purity of taste and aesthetic leaf shape.

Come evensong, gather around a fire to enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner with friends and family.


Ngày 2

Enjoy a delicious organic breakfast, then engage in Tai Chi or for the ladies, yoga. Breathe in the fresh air and jewelled splendour of natural surrounds. After this, take a walk along West Lake, the city's heart and soul. With countless bridges, pavilions and pagodas, the region's ancient causeways serve as vantage points for admiring the surrounding landscape.

In the afternoon, visit Hefang Street, an ancient pedestrian street representing the heart of ancient Hangzhou. Enter little shops selling arts and crafts, souvenirs and silks, or visit teahouses and restaurants. Famed century-old shops such as Huqingyutang and Wangxingjifan are located along this street.

At evensong, watch the performance Impression West Lake, an outdoor show set on the stage of West Lake. Showcasing West Lake's myths and legends, Impression West Lake will sweep you along a millenial-old dream of mystique and beauty.


Ngày 3

After a wonderful breakfast, explore the Xixi Wetland area and be fascinated with its flora and fauna. Almost three quarters of the wetlands is covered in water, forming a delicately unique ecosystem. Six creeks cross the park, overlapping and diverging into various miniature creeks, ponds, lakes and swamps flush with aquatic life. In the afternoon, enjoy treatments in Banyan Tree Spa Hangzhou, based on the concepts of Yin and Yang. Be refreshed by the novel Rainmist experience and the Longjing Tea Cold Scrub to calm and cool sensitive skin. In the evening, be spirited away on a romantic dining adventure. Enjoy local cuisine with your beloved under a sky veiled with the sheer brilliance of starlight.