Ballrooms A and B

These adjoining ballrooms offer a host of private and corporate solutions. Each ballroom covers 100 square metres of space and caters 30 to 50 people. Alternatively, you can host a meeting in one ballroom before adjourning to the next room for a sumptuous dining experience.



The Ballroom seats 100 guests and is an ideal choice for cocktail parties, weddings or other private events. With a naturally lit décor with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a tranquil landscape, the Ballroom also doubles as a corporate meeting arena. Extensive equipment is available for corporate meeting purposes and an adjoining space outside the room provides a pre-function or interim gathering place.



Located within the library, this room is set up with fixed board tables and hosts up to 14 people.



Banyan Tree Hangzhou's library is a beautiful model evocative of halcyon days, with a retrospective décor featuring an antique typewriter and a vintage phonograph. With an excellent selection of classic novels, the Library is an ideal setting for business meetings.


Team Building at the outdoor MICE venue

Accommodating up to 150 people, the outdoor Mice venue provides the perfect backdrop for every type of company event or teambuilding activity. It is available all year round and is a charmingly fresh open-air setting during the spring and summer months.


Unforgettable Romance in the Wetland Garden

The Wetland Garden captures perfectly Xixi Wetland Park's uniquely lush ambience. This garden provides stunning views of flourishing greenery and a limpidly flowing stream.


Banyan Tree Gallery

Mang về nhà một ít vật phẩm đặc sắc mà chỉ Banyan Tree mới có. Với bộ sưu tập cuốn hút gồm các sản phẩm thủ công, vật trang trí tại khu nghỉ dưỡng và các sản phẩm trị liệu spa đặc trưng, những món quà kỷ niệm quý giá làm sống lại khoảng thời gian vui vẻ của quý khách cùng với gia đình tại Banyan Tree.