Trải nghiệm ẩm thực điểm đến

Run your fingers down an expansive In-Villa dining menu to pick your perfect culinary temptation. Dine and wine your beloved within the ambient idyll of your private villa and round up your evening of romance with a delectable dinner. Alternatively, add the magic of a mountainside meal overlooking the charming Lucun Village.


Picnic Lunch

Take a trek on the wild side with a mountain hike. Discover the history of Huangshan Mountain hand in hand with your beloved. Find your perfect scenic spot and settle in for an oriental al fresco picnic feast like no other.


Engage Adventure

Cycle about, hike across and explore the locale. Embark on an intrepid journey of Huangshan's scenery that will broaden your perspectives on global living.


Visit Ancient Cities

Select a half-day or full-day city visit itinerary. Travel back in time with a delightful cultural tour of the region's ancient cities and enjoy an authentic Chinese lunch in a historical township.


Lovers' Calligraphy

Write your beloved a unique message using the venerated tradition of ancient Chinese calligraphy. Learn from a local master and pen your love in a truly memorable manner.


Anhui Carvings

Step into the vein of historical discovery with a deeper understanding of the Four Anhui Carvings. These brick, timber, stone and bamboo carving date back more than four centuries, have lasted dynastic reigns and even today, influences the region's architecture and handicrafts.


Photographic Tours

Photography enthusiasts will enjoy a tour bundle encompassing room, spa and meal experiences. Conjure your composition perfectly with the beauty of scenic nature and ancient cultural landscapes.


Couple Painting Class

The artist within you will appreciate a painting class for couples. While away a beautiful day with a canvas to call your own, dedicated art instructor and scenic al fresco classroom, set within the resort grounds or on the mountainside.


White Water Rafting

Immerse into the fresh beauty of Huangshan's amazing river streams. Go white-water rafting with your beloved and sail forward on a surge of powerful nature.


Cultural Evening

Enter the spirit of romance with a night that includes a couple's bonfire, barbecue theme dinner, live local music and cultural performances that include renowned Hui opera. Perfect your evening of romance with the ethereal activity of stargazing.