Kids Club

Bring your children to a safe haven for them to explore and learn while having fun. With arts and crafts classes, games, movie screenings, storytime and even fun lessons on environmental awareness, your child will enjoy a wondrous hour – or three. Dedicated associates are on hand to watch over every child, but parents are welcome to enter the club. When your baby gets sleepy, there are comfortable napping spots for them to rest.


Farm Visit

Slip into a bucolic way of life with a visit to a Chinese farm. Go on an educational tour that will fascinate you and your children. Learn about organic farming, agriculture in the modern world and see your children squeal with delight as they get upclose to live farm animals.


Family Trek

Explore the beauty of Lucun Mountains with your family on an adventure trek to breeze you into a realm of fresh air, birdsong and delicate blossoms. Spot the local wildlife while taking in spectacular valley views.


Picturesque Huizhou Performance

Tread back in time to the Ming and Qing dynasties with dramatic flair. Watch Picturesque Huizhou's breathtaking cultural take on ancient Chinese living, as seen through modern eyes.


Day Tour

Wander through time on an ancient tour of a historical town. See everyday modern life at work in these old towns, some of which date back more than 200 years.


Ascend Huangshan

Huangshan is one of China's most celebrated mountains, known for its strikingly gorgeous scenery and unparalleled sunsets. Its curiously shaped granite peaks and pine trees offer families hours of discovery. Trek up this timeless mountain as a family and revel in the astonishing cloud views.


Family Culinary Class

Tighten apron strings about your waist and roll up your sleeves for a gloriously delicious afternoon lesson. Have fun watching your children attempt Chinese pastry recipes while competing to see whose masterpiece comes out perfect.


Tea Discovery Tour

The Chinese way of picking and brewing tea has long been venerated. Bring your children on an intricate tea excursion and learn as a family about special local tea techniques. See how tea is collected, processed and produced in an authentic setting.


White Water Rafting

Immerse in the fresh beauty of Huangshan's amazing river streams. Go white-water rafting with your family and sail forward on a surge of powerful nature.


Well-being Retreat

Embark on a journey to mind-body wellbeing with a visit to our award-wining Spa enjoy a relaxed moment with your new peace of mind.