Ngày 1

Experience the holy snow mountain scenery and local Naxi, Yi and Tibetan minority customs. 16 kilometres from Lijiang is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain; its landscape includes one of the southernmost glaciers in the modern world. Shanzidou, the main peak of the mountain at 5,480 metres above sea level, looks like a gigantic dragon clad in white snow all year round. Access to the mountain is provided by a cable lift to Yak Meadow, halfway to the Glacier Peak.


Ngày 2

Dayan Old Town was built at the end of the Song Dynasty and occupies 3.8 square kilometres, 6,000 families and 30,000 populations inside. Walking around in the old town, you will see many old alleys and bridges, flourishing willows, beautiful rivers and traditional buildings. The old town has numerous brooks flowing across its area, a reason why some travellers refer to its as Plateau Vine.


Ngày 3

Dongba culture is believed to be the ancient culture of ethnic Naxi people. Believed to be 1,000 years old, it consists chiefly of scriptures, paintings, music, dances, rituals and religious services. While on this tour, learn more about Dongba pictographic characters, scriptures, traditional wood cabins and visit the Dongba Kingdom Garden. A trip to Jade Water Village is also included.


Day 4

Tiger Leaping Gorge Tour
Tiger Leaping Gorge, tucked between the Yulong Snow Mountain and the Haba Mountains, offers one of the most attractive scenic spots in southwest China. Depart Lijiang early in the morning and drive two and a half hours to Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the world's deepest gorges tucked between Yulong Snow Mountain and the Haba Snow Mountain. Enroute, stop for a 10-minute break to pick out souvenirs. Following the trip to the gorge, you will be escorted to Qiaotou town for a delicious meal.