Songzanlin Lamasery

Drive 16 kilometres west to visit a sacred world hidden in reverence. Songzanlin Lamasery is Yunnan Province's largest Tibetan Buddhist lamasery and one of 13 famous monasteries in Tibetan Kham. Receive blessings from the High Lama and bring home a Tibetan Blessing Scarf known as a Khada. After your visit to a covert universe, drive on to the base of Shiga Mountain and take a walk through the deep gully, till the edge of the Napa Plains. The tour ends with a delicious lunch at Dukezhong Old Town.


Tiger Leaping Gorge

Extending 15 kilometres, the gorge is one of the world's longest, deepest and treacherous. It is so named because folklore has it that a tiger once leaped across the waters at the gorge's narrowest points to reach the riverbank opposite.


Potatso National Park

With one of Shangrila's largest lakes, the alpine water body is situated 3,705 metres above sea level and an ideal setting for nature walks. In contrast to the barren rockiness of western Tibet's mountain range, the mountains here are thickly covered in lush forest greenery and are home to a staggering variety of wildlife.