Al Fresco Family Picnic

Lean back and relax on a soft mat while enjoying scrumptious bites of deliciously prepared breakfast goodies. Your children will enjoy the novel sensation of breakfast in a flourishing oriental garden and the warmth of soft sunshine amidst the natural surrounds.


Tai Chi classes

Enjoy the pursuit of cultivated discipline with the family during a session of Tai Chi. This centuries-old Chinese martial art is an offshoot of Qigong, an ancient oriental discipline rooted in traditional Chinese medicine practices. Banyan Tree Sanya's Tai Chi classes run on Saturdays from 5.30pm to 6.30pm



Families will find the exercise of shopping enjoyable on an oriental island replete with great local food and a plethora of goods to purchase. Just five minutes away from China Duty Free and Summer Mall, embark on your ideal shopping endeavours and return glowing with fruitful satisfaction.


Fishing Escapade

Relish an outdoor fishing adventure with the family at the resort's 500-metre long fishing jetty.


Explore Nanwan Monkey Island

The macaque is a protected animal in China, and the island is the only tropical nature island reserve for this primate. Traverse across China's longest transoceanic rope in a cable car and travel 2,138 metres over fishing villages, sparkling waters and vibrant sea life.


Fenjiezhou Island Romance

Drive two hours from Sanya to quiet circle of untainted sea, sand as soft as powder and the vivacious bloom of floral life.


Water Activities

Take in dazzling sunsets in this beach destination that has been called the Oriental Hawaii Revel and refresh your spirits across glittering waters in Luhuitou Bay while staying dry by riding a water bicycle or kayaking.


Beach Rejuvenation

Relish the exclusivity of the resort's private beach and spend the day in drowsy leisure within the sanctuary of a quiet cabana. Banyan Tree Sanya has eight cabanas strategically placed across the private stretch of talcum-white sand.


Mahjong Sessions

Mahjong has always been a stalwart at Asian family gatherings, where members cluster around a table to watch four players pit against one another to sharpen mental prowess. Experience a time of family bonding in one of Banyan Tree Sanya's exclusive mahjong rooms.