Casa Mia Restaurant

Located a 10 minutes' drive from the resort, Casa Mia Restaurant offers traditional Italian cuisine in a setting of crisp subtlety.

Chun Yuan Seafood Square

Located 20 minutes from the resort, this dining establishment is Sanya's favourite outdoor Hainan seafood venue.

Ding Ding Xiang Restaurant

An excellent hotpot restaurant with individual pot portions, Ding Ding Xiang Restaurant is moderately priced and offers a memorable dining experience.

Dong Jiao Ye Lin Restaurant

The restaurant has been opened for almost 15 years and is recognised as a dining venue for local food and seafood. Dong Jiao Ye Lin is reasonably priced and located 10 minutes from the hotel.

Gong Man Xi Ting Restaurant

Offering the best of East meets West, the restaurant is 10 minutes from the resort.