Riviera BBQ Night

Families will enjoy an evening's barbecue with wonderful food and the fun-filled sensation of a smoky evening, free from tension and worry.


Afternoon Tea at Banyan Lounge

Bond together with the family over mealtimes at the Banyan Lounge. With excellent food served in a comfortable setting made for hours of leisurely repast be prepared for the afternoon to whir by in a haze of pleasure.


Dimsum Dining Experience

A popular Shanghainese tradition, delectable dimsum dishes spread across a table for family communion is the ideal brunch setting. Steep yourself in the authentic culture of Shanghai and dine on delicate morsels crafted to reflect the heart of dimsum.


Shanghai Maglev Train Ride

Explore the outskirts of central Pudong. Families will find fascination on this train run on magnetic levitation. Travelling between the city's international airport and Shanghai itself, the train reaches speeds of 430 kilometres per hour – a dizzying experience to satisfy the most hyperactive child.


Fuxing Park

With a faded air of colonial gentility, Fuxing Park is a beautiful place for families to take a stroll and experience the feel of old Shanghai.


Sun Yat-Sen's Home

For a cultural reminder of Shanghai's past, visit the home of modern China's founding father. The relics of a bygone era still exist in Sun Yat-Sen's home in the form of period furniture and classic books.


Yu Gardens

No visit to Shanghai is complete without a stop at the gardens, formerly a residential private garden and now one of the city's most well known. Weave through the winding, noisy Yuyuan Bazaar, a network of shops selling a wide array of tourist souveniors from tea to herbs and handicrafts.



The best place in Taikang Road is the Nongtang called “Tian Zi Fang (田子坊)”, which is on Lane 210, Taikang Road, like the “Soho” in New York, the artist’s work zone. Many famous Chinese artists used to work or still working there, such as Chen Yifei, and Er Dongqiang,  so the entire area is full of artistic atmosphere.


Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower stands by the bank of Huangpu River. It is in the centre of Lujiazui, opposite to the Bund which is famous for its grand buildings of various architectural styles. The tower is 468 metres high. It is the highest TV Tower in Asia and is the third highest one in the world. The whole design is rich in poetic and pictorial splendor., which gives the tourists the impression that pearls of Various sizes are dropping onto the emerald plate.


Shanghai Grand Theatre

The Shanghai Grand Theatre (上海大剧院) is one of the largest and best-equipped automatic stages in the world. Since the theatre opened on August 27, 1998, it has staged over 6,000 performances of operas, musicals, ballets, symphonies, chamber music concerts, spoken dramas and various Chinese operas.