Feel peace flow through your being even in a metropolitan city

Banyan Tree Shanghai is fully equipped to ensure your absolute relaxation, with a myriad of award-winning treatments and amenities. The spa presents a customised menu of therapies featuring more than 73 traditional Chinese herbs and natural ingredients such as ginseng, pearls, sandalwood and winter melon, centering on the characteristics of Gold, Wood Water, Fire and Earth. Allow our skilful therapists to masterfully soothe all your worries away in a setting of complete calm.

Banyan Tree Spa Shanghai was awarded thrice in 2013 with the 9th Annual AsiaSpa Awards 2013 for Urban Spa of the Year in November 2013, 2013 Timeout Shanghai Spa Awards for Best Spa in Shanghai in September 2013 and That's Shanghai – 2013 Best of Shanghai Awards for Best Hotel Spa in May 2013.

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