Ancient Culture Street

Tianjin Ancient Culture Street has a history going back six centuries. Located near the Hai River, this 580-metre long street is a major tourist destination, appealing to visitors with its authentic culture of Tianjin tradition. Imitation Qing buildings dot the streets, and the Tianhou Temple stands in the centre.


Eye Of Tianjin

This attraction is known as the Tianjin Yongle Bridge Ferris Wheel and stands 35-stories tall. Visitors at the top of this wheel can enjoy a panorama view radiating 40 kilometres around the city.


Wudadao Sightseeing Street

This district includes five main avenues: Machangdao, Munandao, Dalidao, Chongqingdao and Chengdudao. 22 roads stretched across 17 kilometres and spanning 1.28 square kilometres form this area, home to more than 2,000 garden-style villas built in the 1920s and 1930s. The area is globally recognised as the Exposition of Neoteric Architectures.