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One of the best attractions you can visit if you want to enjoy and discover Mexico´s natural and cultural wealth. It offers countless activities, such as night shows with more than 300 actors on stage, to sweep you on a musical journey through the history of Mexico since pre-Hispanic times till present day, a reprisal of a pre-Hispanic ball game, a charro celebration and a Mexican cemetery. For those with an innate sense of the nature, Xcaret also features a coral reef aquarium, a butterfly pavilion, underground rivers, beaches and natural pools.


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Río Secreto
Located only a few miles from the resort, this underground river is a living lesson on natural history dating back several millenia. Hike and swim through a 600-metre route studded with the beauty of organic stalactites and stalagmites, and stand agape before the all-encompassing hand of time at work.


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5th Avenue

Playa del Carmen is the heart of it all, with restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, handicrafts, art galleries, jewellery and all kinds of knick-knack. Experience the life of bohemian freedom as you walk under the Caribbean sun or find your way to a fancy dinner along the avenue, the locale is diverse and vibrant enough to meet every preference.