Enter a world of renewal for your body and soul

Step into Banyan Tree Spa Mayakoba and partake of unique refreshments found nowhere else. The Rainforest, with its hydrothermal circuit comprising alternating hot and cold thermal cabins is designed to allow guests utter wellness. The Rainforest Trail features eight different hydrothermal therapy experiences that include the Rain Walk, Aroma Steam Chamber and Finnish Sauna to afford you a holistic and revitalising experience in a tropical world of extravagant natural beauty. Unique to this spa outlet is the use of Melipona Honey gathered from Mexican bees. The Honey Oil, an extraction from the bees, is a time-honoured remedy for detoxifying and healing skin.

Banyan Tree Spa Mayakoba received four recent awards, the 2014 World Luxury Spa Awards for Best Luxury Destination Spa (America) in March 2014, 2013 World Luxury Spa Awards for Best Luxury Resort Spa (Mexico) in April 2013, TripAdvisor World's Greatest Hotel Spas for 2013 for World's Greatest Hotel Spas for 2013 (Top 10) in January 2013 and 19th World Travel Awards 2012 – Central America for Mexico's Leading Spa Resort in September 2012.

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