A villa idyll dashingly perched on a natural boulder bed

A spacious living terrace with a private patio, a glorious sapphire personal pool and chic architecture which evokes imagery of warm sunny days and tropical beachfront living, lift you into a surreal wonderland. Your In-Villa experience continues through a private outdoor jetpool, private swimming pool and an al fresco dining area. Set on a bed of rocks beautifully hewn by the hand of nature, this pool villa also comes with an indoor sunken bathtub, deluxe shower and a pool deck complete with pristine sun loungers, rounds off your In-Villa experience.

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Giường và nhà tắm

Master bedroom (king bed)

Phương tiện giải trí

Veranda with sun loungers
Private swimming pool and jet pool
Private dipping pool with submerged couple seat
Complimentary wireless and Internet access

Các dịch vụ khác

Máy pha trà và cà phê
Két sắt trong biệt thự
IDD telephone
Pavilion with living and dining area

Thông tin thêm

Sơ đồ mặt bằng

Loại phòng: biệt thự
Sức chứa: 3 người

Giường: cỡ đại
Địa điểm: hướng ra biển

Room Size: 105sqm