Market Street

A mishmash of food and crafts can be found at the market. Couples strolling through hand in hand will see fishermen haul their catch to market, stalls offering fragrant spices and citronella, sellers purveying tea and local delicacies and a beautiful collection of local crafts. The locals fashion crafted items from the ubiquitous island coconut, and also make jewellery and silk paintings by hand.


Botanical Garden Visit

The Botanical Garden was established in 1901 by Queen Victoria. It features a collection of native palms, endemic plant species, a tortoise park and a small rainforest walk. More than 100 years old, the garden is found in the heart of Victoria. Originally planted to experiment with growing crop species during the colonial era, the garden's purpose has since undergone metamorphosis and is a present-day park open to the public. See local bird species at play here, from the Seychelles Bulbul to the Seychelles Blue Pigeon. The garden is also home to the Coco De Mer, a world-renowned palm tree and the Aldabran Giant Tortoises.