Grand Designs on Golf

Golf is one of those frustrating pastimes that can as easily make you swagger along the fairway, basking in the glory of that crisp four-iron approach that dropped perfectly on the green; as it can reduce you to tears of frustration when you reach the green in two, but then seven putt.

I have experienced both emotions. Many times. Alas, far more the latter than the former. Indeed, golf and I frequently question our relationship, and the continuation of it. But we quickly kiss and make up. Having been together now for more years than we care to remember, we are, frankly, far too comfortable with each other to go our separate ways.

Like many enthusiastic golfers all over the world, I never give up the hope that the next 18 holes will be the round I have always played to perfection in my head. Nor do I ever stop believing that one day I will negotiate some of the world’s finest golf courses, of which there are plenty to choose from. But then, where golf is concerned, I always was a dreamer.


I am a municipal golf course player. I am a realist, and know my standards. And frankly, I have better things to do with my money than pay to be publicly humiliated by a golf course. That said, thousands do it around the world day in, day out. For the challenge, the privilege, the prestige, the ambiance; and there is no hiding from the fact that golf is big business. Golf tourism is massive. And the design and creation of golf courses even more so.


Time to dig deeper and explore the exotic brew of South East Asian culture: