Guest Review



Guest Review

Mr Li and Ms Wang came to Banyan Tree Hangzhou for lunch in a Chinese restaurant on 5 July 2018.

While Ms Li was snapping a photo with Mr Li over a bridge located at the lake, she dropped her phone into the waters by accident. Ms Wang rushed to the lobby seeking for help, and because Housekeeping crew were outstation, Lobby Ambassador Bobby decided to jump into the water and look for Ms Wang’s phone. After twenty minutes, Bobby managed to retrieve Ms Wang’s phone. Ms Wang was very touched by Bobby’s effort and eagerness to provide assistance immediately.

Some time later, Bobby faced a similar situation when a little girl lost her crown accesory in the waters. As it was raining heavily for a few days, the task was evidently difficult for Bobby. Nevertheless, Bobby persevered and spent the next few days looking for the missing item. Five days after the girl and her family left Banyan Tree Hangzhou, Bobby found the accesory. The family was surprised but very grateful for his help.

What Bobby did expressed one of the key practices of Banyan Tree – We pay attention to guests’ needs and provide a memorable stay for every guest, going above and beyond.


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