Romantic Getaway in Huangshan

Romance behind every corner

The beautiful landscapes of Huangshan are perfect for romantic escapades. The charming villages and the misty mountains are guaranteed to create an atmosphere of love and romance that you and your partner will cherish forever.




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A Romantic Getaway In Huangshan

Take your love to the mountains. Go hiking on Mount Huangshan, or in the foothills. Bring a picnic and enjoy your lunch in the wild. Or take a stroll to Hongcun Village and walk hand in hand sunset and see the ancient buildings reflect in the lake.

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Proposal in Hangzhou

Propose among the mystical mountains in Huangshan. Surprise your love with the gesture that says you want to stay together for the rest of your lives. Find tips to a romantic proposal here.

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Make your commitment in front of your family and friends, in the charming surroundings of Huangshan. Exchange rings in the beautiful setting outdoors or in our ballroom. And then get ready to celebrate Banyan Tree style. Find your romantic wedding tips here.

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Start your life together as newlyweds in the romantic atmosphere of Huangshan. Enjoy lazing about in your villa, get active in the mountains or experience the ancient Anhui culture in the region. Find tips for a Huangshan honeymoon here.

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Celebrate your anniversary in the misty mountains of Huangshan. Keep the romance alive in the quaint villages and the stunning nature. Get romantic with these tips.

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