Intimate Proposal

Propose in style

Macau is famed for its beautiful architecture blending European and Chinese cultures. It's the perfect place to get down on one knee, and propose to the love of your life.

Pop the question along the cobblestone streets near the Ruin's of St. Paul's, or propose right here at the resort, where we can help arrange a private cabana or anywhere else you'd like at the hotel. We would also like to 'propose' these creative ideas for you.



Tips for an intimate proposal



Don’t forget the ring!

Whatever you do, please make sure you come with ring in hand. Or if you wish to make a spur of the moment proposal, there are many jewellers in Macau to help you find the perfect ring. 


Get the perfect snaps

Don't rely on your phone to capture this momentous occasion. Have a professional photographer/videographer on hand, to capture the moment when your partner says "yes".


Find a private spot

Most people prefer to be proposed to in a secluded, private environment. Don’t choose a crowded place, where your love can’t hear you properly. You want to hear a “yes!”, not a “what?”





Wedding Venue

Find the perfect wedding venue

Wedding Concierge

Our wedding concierge is always on hand to cater for even the most minute of details for your wedding day.



Would you like to proceed with English?

Otherwise, these languages are also available:


  • Banyan Tree
  • Angsana
  • Cassia
  • Dhawa


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